<![CDATA[Certain Dri]]> https://www.certaindri.com/feeds/ Certain Dri Tue, 18 Dec 2018 22:29:22 -0500 http://backend.userland.com/rss092 en <![CDATA[My last hope]]> I am sensitive to medications for hyperhydrosis. The side effects are so bad that I can't take them. Certain dri was my very last hope. It burns my skin and itches REALLY bad! I still sweat as if I wasn't using it anyways. I even started wearing shorts to leave the house during winter temperatures in the Midwest and still haven't found relief. My last hope has turned into a nightmare and knowing that I am going to be stuck with my worsening condition is devastating to me. I want to runaway from my own body. ]]> https://www.certaindri.com/home/1-certain-dri-prescription-strength-clinical-roll-on <![CDATA[It Works ]]> I have used this product twice and it has already changed my life. I don’t worry about sweating like crazy, and I feel much more comfortable and confident. I highly recommend this product - you won’t regret it ]]> https://www.certaindri.com/home/1-certain-dri-prescription-strength-clinical-roll-on <![CDATA[Wear a t-shirt]]> This product is amazing and saved my social life. It does itch some but I find if I wear a tight T-shirt that it keeps my armpits from sticking or getting too hot and by doing that it almost eliminates the irritation completely!!! Highly recommend this product but the T-shirt trick is a must!]]> https://www.certaindri.com/home/1-certain-dri-prescription-strength-clinical-roll-on <![CDATA[Stops sweating but itchy]]> This product works amazingly! I used to sweat so much no matter the weather. It could be hot or cold , no matter what i’d have a huge sweat pit under both arms by 10 in the morning. I titled everything. Every deodorant, every hack, EVERYTHING but nothing would work. Then a youtuber I watch recommended in one of her videos to use Certain Dri I bought it and WOW! It’s now the second week and I barely sweat throughout the day. I still get a small little tiny pit but it’ll literally be the size of a dime. It gets smaller and smaller each day. The only thing that SUCKS so bad about this product is the itch. Seconds after I put it on at night I’ll get this unbearable itch that’s so painful. Half of the time doesn’t even allow me to sleep. But I’m the end, it’s worth it. ]]> https://www.certaindri.com/home/1-certain-dri-prescription-strength-clinical-roll-on <![CDATA[Great results, certain dri]]> I understand the itch many of you are complaining about. I found using baby powder after it is dry or even use with a solid antiperspirant. I had to apply the certain dry daily for about 2 weeks, then it started to work. I then only had to reapply 1 time per week. For the smell issue, use a deodorant. Certain dry does work, I had zero sweat once I used it regularly. Don't stop, I would shave at night, apply in the morning wnd lay on the bed with arms over my head till it drys. Then get dressed. ]]> https://www.certaindri.com/home/1-certain-dri-prescription-strength-clinical-roll-on <![CDATA[Hyperhydrosis ]]> Absolutely amazing product. I went from sweating excessively 24/7 warm or cold to not a drop! Couldn’t be happier]]> https://www.certaindri.com/home/1-certain-dri-prescription-strength-clinical-roll-on <![CDATA[If I could give negative stars I would..]]> This did absolutely nothing for the odor! I used as directed and the itch was insane, kept me up at night. Left my pits itchy,sticky and raw. I recommend this to nobody, not even for free.]]> https://www.certaindri.com/home/1-certain-dri-prescription-strength-clinical-roll-on <![CDATA[Itchy and stinky]]> The sweating stopped, but the odor didn't. And the itching is unbearable. Have to take Benadryl. ]]> https://www.certaindri.com/home/1-certain-dri-prescription-strength-clinical-roll-on <![CDATA[Big Upset]]> Tried it out for about 4 days and felt the itch when I put it on but it was bearable but on the 5th day I went to put it on and the itch was insane...Did a quick search for the main main ingredient which is sodium hydroxide and all the results said that it is harmful to skin and will cause irritation.]]> https://www.certaindri.com/home/1-certain-dri-prescription-strength-clinical-roll-on <![CDATA[Recommend]]> Been struggling for years but i started to use this on Friday it Monday now and Ive been dry since.]]> https://www.certaindri.com/home/3-certain-dri-am-everyday-strength-clinical-solid-roll-on