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Most effective antiperspirant you can buy without a prescription

Certain Dri Prescription Strength Roll-On is prescription strength, with 12% Aluminum Chloride, and the most effective antiperspirant you can buy without a prescription. Other antiperspirants may have aluminum complexes at higher percentages – but they are not the same. Aluminum Chloride is the strongest and most effective active ingredient available in antiperspirants and is the same active ingredient in many prescription formulations. Aluminum Chloride is the #1 doctor recommended active ingredient for excessive sweating** and is why Certain Dri Prescription Strength Roll-On is different from the rest.

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Who is Certain Dri Prescription Strength Clinical Roll-On for? Anyone suffering from hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating looking for the strongest protection available without a prescription.


  • Apply Certain Dri antiperspirant to underarms at bedtime. That’s because the active ingredient works best while you sleep to stop perspiration all day. It will not wash off the next day, even after bathing or showering.
  • Apply sparingly to completely dry armpit. Apply Certain Dri sparingly – only a few strokes under each arm. To reduce the risk of irritation, be sure underarms are completely dry before applying.
  • For added deodorant protection, Certain Dri Everyday Strength Clinical antiperspirant + deodorant may also be reapplied in the morning for an extra layer of freshness and protection.

*Based on a 2017 independent study, Certain Dri is the #1 doctor recommended brand for excessive sweating.
**Based on a 2017 independent study, Aluminum Chloride is #1 doctor recommended ingredient for excessive sweating.

More about Aluminum Chloride

Certain Dri Prescription Strength Clinical Roll-On is unique in that it contains the strongest, most effective active ingredient – aluminum chloride, the #1 doctor recommended ingredient. This is also the active ingredient that is found in many prescription antiperspirants. This Certain Dri formulation is water-based instead of alcohol-based, so it’s gentler on your skin than prescription antiperspirants.

Aluminum chloride works differently than other aluminum compounds. It penetrates to a deeper level of the sweat gland to stop sweat where it starts. Aluminum chloride molecules are smaller and fill the sweat duct more effectively than larger aluminum compounds. This means that the active ingredient in Certain Dri Prescription Strength Clinical Roll-On will help prevent perspiration more effectively, and won’t wash off in the shower.

aluminum chloride

The pink circles above represent the molecules in other clinical antiperspirants as they enter a sweat gland in your underarm.

sweat gland

Most clinical OTC (over-the-counter) antiperspirant brands use Aluminum Zirconium Complex (15-20%) as their active ingredient. This antiperspirant ingredient contains larger molecules that sweat “grabs” and pulls them into the sweat duct to form a plug.

aluminum in deodorant

Certain Dri® Prescription Strength Clinical Roll-On, represented by the green circles, stops sweat on a deeper level by using Aluminum Chloride, an ingredient with smaller molecules, which is more effective in getting into the pore and reducing sweat on a deeper level.

If you’re looking for real “clinical strength” antiperspirant options that can help you with excessive underarm sweating, try Certain Dri®, the #1 doctor recommended brand.

Aluminum Chloride – smallest molecule support

  • AlCl₃ is a simple inorganic salt compound, while aluminum chlorohydrate and other antiperspirant actives are best described as inorganic polymers that form relatively large poly-aluminum complexes based on repeating Al-13 units.
  • Size exclusion chromatography, such as HPLC, separates and characterizes materials on the basis of molecular size. With this techniques, the larger molecules pass through the column faster, while the smaller molecules come out slower. Tests clearly illustrate that AlCl₃ is smaller.
  • By using the molecular formula for AlCl3, and the empirical formulas for ACH of Al₂(OH)₅Cl and a typical AZG-tetra salt of ZrAl₂Cl₃.₃₁(OH)₆.₆₉, the molecular weights can be computed as 133.34, 174.45, and 370.59 gm/mole respectively.
  • Aluminum chloride is the smallest molecule based on basic chemistry considerations, being applied to antiperspirant actives.

Certain Dri – A certified cruelty free product by PETA

Certain Dri® products are not animal tested and are certified cruelty free by PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). PETA is the largest animal rights organization in the world, with more than 3 million members and supporters. To learn more about PETA, and companies that do not test on animals, visit www.peta.org.

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Aug 13, 2018

A relieved believer
After considering $800.00 worth of botox, I tried certain dri clinical strength and it worked the first time I tried it...WOW! I was so affected by hydrohiprosis over the last 3 years I was not the person I was before developing this irritating and annoying condition. I feel like I'm getting my life back!


Aug 7, 2018

Literally Like Magic
It would be unfair not to post my experience after how Certain Dri changed my life. Like I said, it's literally like magic. I've been suffering from hyperhidrosis for 10 years. It was really bad that I sweat even during winter. I sweat a few minutes after I wear my shirt. Sometimes a drip of sweat runs through my arm/body, just like tears from your eyes. Basically like my underarms cry. It's very embarrassing and others would probably think it's disgusting. Until the other night, when I finally decided to give this product a try. I was hesitant at first, I've tried a lot of over the counter products before and got so tired spending money for something that doesn't work. But the positive reviews convinced me to give it a try. And it is really effective for me!!! Just one use! I applied it to dry underarms right before I went to sleep. I didn't want to get my hopes up but the next day, I was surprised that for the first time, my underarms didn't sweat at all, despite the hot weather! I also worked out earlier and my underarms didn't sweat. A little side effect based on my experience: It didn't sting when I applied a few strokes on my armpit. But after a few minutes, some parts of my left armpit got a bit itchy. Try not to scratch so it won't get irritated. The next day, my armpits get occasionally itchy. But it goes away after some moments. I 100% recommend to everyone who suffered like me. LIFE-CHANGING!!!


Jul 15, 2018

This is AMAZING!
I have been using this product since I was in middle school (I’m 20 now) and I still love it so much. I was always so embarrassed to wear anything that was a solid color. But this really changed my life. I can wear anything I want now and don’t have to worry about any pit stains!! I recommend this product to all my friends because I swear by it!!
The only thing I would recommend is still using a regular deodorant in the morning. Certain Dri is amazing at taking care of sweat, but I found I still needed something to help with the smell.


Jul 2, 2018

Ruined shirt
I've used this product for over a year and it works great. However I used it last night and it ruined my shirt. I've never had that happen before.
Hi Nicole, thanks for the feedback. Certain Dri may ruin clothing which is one of the reasons why we recommend applying at night. This allows the product to better get into pores when you're not sweating as much. Best of luck!

27 year customer

Jun 25, 2018

Flop sweat is gone
I’ve used this since ‘91, after I soaked an emerald green satin bridesmaid dress before the ceremony. I apply every 3-5 days, and use a traditional anti-perspiration roll on most mornings, for freshness. This takes care of flop sweat from nerves, sweat due to a workout, heat of the day, you name it, it works!! Wish I could use it in areas besides my underarms!!
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